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What We Do

We will work with you to ensure your products win the hearts, minds and market share in your category. We have helped our customers create successful products on web, mobile, desktop.

The best mousetrap need not always win, it is the mousetrap that the market knows about and has a better story that more often wins.

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As a startup it may be expensive to hire a fulltime product manager but even more expensive is the absence of one.

As an independent consultant we are light on your pocket and ensure you don’t make costly mistakes in the early stage of your venture.

There is only so much a small team can focus on and it always helps to have additional helping hands.

Some of the top reason for startup failure is lack of understanding of the market, not getting the product right and poor go-to-market strategy.

If you are startingup we will make sure you emerge out as a winner.


Independent As independent consultants our recommendations are unbiased.

Fresh Thinking Sometimes you become part of problem you are trying to resolve an outside perspective will give a fresh impetus to look at things differently.

Test Ideas When you are short on resources but high on ideas, it is an easy way out to test an idea build a MVP and than assign full time resources once the potential is verified.

Overloaded At times your resources might be fully loaded that they may not have time for some specific tasks.

Double Check When the stakes are big it is better to go on a sure footing.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Before making that final plunge into entrepreneurship, test and get your idea validated in the marketplace with expert assistance.

There is so much you have to do before taking the final plunge, make sure you are ready to swim in the ocean of uncertainty.

As much as the success stories you get to hear, the path of entrepreneurship is not full of roses it is filled equally with failures and untold miseries, so watch your step.

Why work with us

  Get complete professional assistance from conceptualization to execution

  We will travel along with you from ideation to launch to post launch

  Double check your assumptions, solutions and markets you are going after

  Get fresh perspectives and ideas

  Test your solution and get actionable feedback

  Get an outside view on the amazing things you are working on


Use Case

Listing below some of the popular use cases as to why client hire us

  I am a startup short on budget

  We need an outside opinion

  I got a brilliant idea, I need help to validate if it is worth going after

  Things have been going good for us, we want to think something fresh now

  Our product manager is fully loaded, we need someone to offload specific tasks

  We need to make a tough decision on a product we are emotionally attached to

  We are testing a new concept and our current resources are tied up, we need someone for a short term

  We have cross functional team, distributed teams, freelancers working on our product we need someone to sync things up and ensure everyone is on the same page

  A professional view from an outside perspective is reassuring and more often throws light on things we might have missed

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